Physical health can be monitored by knowing:

  • current weight
    • Body Mass Index (total body fat)
    • ideal weight is commonly based on your height
  • fitness level
    • Target Heart Rate
  • daily calorie needs
    • Calories consumption can be determined by two factors:
      • Harris Benedict Equation1
        • “The Harris–Benedict equation is a method used to estimate an individual’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). The estimated BMR value may be multiplied by a number that corresponds to the individual’s activity level; the resulting number is the approximate daily kilocalorie intake to maintain current body weight. The Harris–Benedict equation may be used to assist weight loss — by reducing kilocalorie intake number below the estimated maintenance intake of the equation."2
      • an activity factor
    • Activity dependant

They all differ based on:

  • height,
  • weight,
  • age
  • and/or gender


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