Marines Special Operations Command Short Card Training Circuit

Marines MARSOC short card workout

Circuit consists of 15 different exercises without resting in 23 sets performing 473 reps in total .


MARSOC short card circuit is an intense calisthenics workout.

The United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is a component command of the Special Operations Command1. For serving as Critical Skills Operators (CSOs) Marines are Recruited and Screened through the MARSOC’s Assessment and Selection Course (A&S).

U.S. Marines2 are an elite fighting force, and this circuit is part of the A&S program, designed to “determine whether or not a CSO candidate has the necessary attributes to successfully complete Special Operation Forces (SOF) entry level training and follow on assignment to an operational unit”3.

CSOs must be mature, intelligent, mentally flexible, determined, and physically fit.

This circuit is part of the program designed to assist “prospective candidates in attaining the appropriate level of physical fitness to be successful at MARSOC’s A&S. Marines attending A&S perform physical tasks involving obstacles, swimming while wearing utilities, and travelling long distances cross country while carrying a rucksack. Total body strength and physical endurance are mission critical at A&S"4.


It consist of 5 sections. The first 4 sections are a sequence of different muscle groups exercises so they can be performed without resting. It basically follows the following exercise structure 4 times:

  1. Upper Body
  2. Lower Body
  3. Mid section
  4. Total body workout (Burpee with push-up)
  5. Stretching/Relaxing

And ends with an intense 3 sets/max reps for the back.



2/ 21
30 reps
3/ 21
30 reps
5/ 21
10 reps
*Note: This is an exercise for stretch/relax
10/ 21
10 reps (4-count)
*Note: This is an exercise for stretch/relax
15/ 21
10 reps
*Note: This is an exercise for stretch/relax
18/ 21
20/ 21
10 reps
*Note: This is an exercise for stretch/relax
21/ 21
max reps 3 sets



After completing the circuit, you will have performed these exercises

ExerciseTotal Reps# Times Used
Military Push-Up1204
Burpee with push-up404
Mountain Climbers301
Flutter Kicks301
Cherry pickers401
Star Jumpers301
Back Extensions301
Chain Breakers101
Jump Lunge301
Hello Dolly301
Trunk Twists101
Pull Up33

Muscles used

Summary of all the muscles used in this circuit.

Marines MARSOC short card muscles heatmap
Figure 1. Heatmap of muscles used in Marines MARSOC short card.
Muscle# Times Exercised
Lower Back1


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The short circuit version of the full body workout with just bodyweight as performed by United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

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