Dead Hang Pull Up

Proper Standard Pull Up Form

Pull Up is an exercise performed with pull-up-bar. They are also known as over hand pull up and strict pull-up. Exercises mainly 3 muscles: lats, triceps and abs but there are more muscles involved such as deltoids in a less intense way.


There are many variations of the pull-up exercise. This is the most basic form of the exercise with perfect form.



Primary muscles targeted

Secondary muscle groups

  • Deltoids
Pull Up muscles heatmap
Figure 1. Heatmap of muscles used in Pull Up.


Range of motion

Movement should start with a dead hang position, going up until the head goes over bar in a controlled movement with a small pause at the top to avoid inertia.

Body tension

Body moves as an entire unit, engaging core the whole movement.

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The right way to do a pull-up. Dead hang position with no kipping.

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